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In addition to our in-ground pool installation, we offer a range of services for a pleasant and successful pool season.

  • Pool opening and closing service
  • Heater installation and repair
  • Pump installation and repair
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Motor replacements
  • Chemicals
  • Filters

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Pool Construction:

Pool area is outlined, wood is laid down to protect the lawn and equipment is brought in.

Dimensions are checked and excavation begins

Panels and braces are laid into position.

After panels and braces are installed, the cement footers are poured and back filled.

Rebar is laid out and cement poured for the deck area.

Plumbing and fittings are installed with minimum disturbance to landscaping.

Plumbing is embedded with sand to protect them for ground obstructions.

Pool bottom is trowelled and finished.

Vinyl liner is installed and vacuum fitted.

After everything is checked, the pool is filled with water.

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Liner Replacement:

Our top quality pool liners are professionally installed and vacuum fitted to your pool.

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Has your pool not been used for some time?

Let us bring it back to life.

We offer complete restorations and repairs for your in-ground pool.

Everything from minor repairs to major renovations.

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Truck Route:

We offer on site water testing monthly and chemicals delivered right to your door.

No more running to the store to buy your supplies by the bulk. Order only what you need when you need it.

               Call today for a              "Carefree Swimming Season"!


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